Last Friday will forever be known as the day four DMC marketing girls (Emily, Jennifer, Michaela & Veronica) went into the original Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas wearing running shorts…and running shoes, for that matter. But, it was for charity, so we don’t feel bad about it. We spent our afternoon participating in a social media scavenger hunt all around Dallas called Share Dare which raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
Our journey began by meeting the other teams and Share Dare organizers at the American Airlines Center, home of the 2011 NBA CHAMPION Dallas Mavericks, in case you missed that somehow. This is where we received our mission: travel to 8 different locations around the Dallas area and check in on Foursquare at each. Foursquare would then provide us with a social media-related task to accomplish at each stop.
The moment we were given our list of locations we began planning. Emily, our designated route planner, quickly mapped out the quickest way to reach every location. We rushed out of the AAC and ran to meet our trusty getaway car driver, Meredith (we were the only team that started the race out running, for the record). Our next stop was Ruthie’s Rolling Café, a well-known food truck that was stopped in the Arts District that day. We were instructed by Foursquare to order one of Ruthie’s famous grilled cheeses and then write a review about it on Yelp. My response to this question was of course, “What’s the fastest sandwich you can make?!?” The BBQ grilled cheese turned out to be quickest, so we enjoyed a few delicious nibbles (or we ate the whole thing, whatever) and went on our way.
Our next stop was the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Now, this is where the race got a little intense. At the Hyatt, we had to scan a QR code with our Best Buzz  app which provided us with 7 clues. We had to decipher each clue which led us to another QR code, and so on, and so on. We couldn’t call this task accomplished until we had scanned each QR code. This task took by far the longest of any of our stops.
Next stop, Centro! This Dallas ad firm gave us one of our most laughable challenges—dress up in a costume illustrating what you would do if you had more time on your hands. Check out the below results…
Emily would spend more time on the beach.
Jennifer would be a queen.
Michaela would sing more karaoke.
And Veronica would save the world. Obviously.
On our way to Neimans, we spotted Tim from Share Dare in Dealey Plaza! Finding his location meant we got extra points. Score!
Yes, then came the fateful moment when we entered Neiman Marcus’ flagship store in our workout clothes. And did I mention we were wearing bandanas, too? Just a couple of Share Dare bandits. At Neimans we had to choose 5 different items and pin the photos to Pinterest. Our reward was a free cookie! More than worth the embarrassment if you ask me!
We then headed out of downtown and into what’s referred to as Uptown Dallas. We ventured to Tailwaters  where we were told we had to learn to cast a fly fishing rod. I believe our response was, “Say what?” But, to our surprise we were actually fairly good at it!
Dream Café was our next stop. They offered us free hibiscus tea and popovers, but there was no time for snacks, because we had to make up a 30-second jingle! We sang to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and…well…you can see how we did for yourselves…
After we sang our little hearts out it was a mad dash to Social House in Addison (a 20-minute drive North). This was our last stop and boy, were we tired!
Drum roll please….WE WON SECOND PLACE! Not to mention, our prizes were $25 gift certificates to Dream Café! Popovers for EVERYONE!
We loved Share Dare and hope to participate again next year! Thanks to the contest organizers, Bloomfield Knoble and Creative Circle.