It’s now less than a month ‘til the FINDS Dallas Temp Show that kicks off on June 21 (staggered opening and closing dates)! What has been your favorite product featured in the 5 FINDS so far? Here are 5 more eye-catching products:
The beautiful, ornamental glass creations from Dynasty Gallery capture the shapes, colors and lights of nature’s marvels. Each piece is handmade in the ancient traditions of glassmaking. Visit Dynasty Gallery in Gift FINDS, World Trade Center (WTC) 12th floor, booth 12-1501.
Inspired by the Portuguese home textile tradition and founded in 1981, Teresa Alecrim provides the finest textile products for the table, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and more. Visit Teresa Alecrim in Home FINDS, WTC 6th floor, booth 6-211.
Made in the traditional French way, The Soap Counter features luxury, hand-cut soaps composed of a blend of top quality oils including palm, coconut and sweet almond oils. Each formula results in a highly moisturizing product that creates a rich lather and a long-lasting fragrance. Visit The Soap Counter in Bath & Body FINDS, WTC 13th floor, booth 13-8916.
Created using a variety of printing techniques, Viva Greetings provides visually exciting letterpress, notecards, magnets, wrapping paper and more, many featuring fun, Spanish phrases. Visit Viva Greetings in Paper & Party FINDS, WTC 12th floor, booth 12-3318.
Sold at stores such as Williams-Sonoma and Whole Foods Market, Wild Hibiscus flowers in syrup add interest and taste to any glass of champagne. Simply place the all-natural flower at the bottom of any glass and watch as the flower blooms as the champagne bubbles surround it. The flowers can even be eaten when you’re done with your glass. Visit Wild Hibiscus in Food FINDS, WTC 12th floor, booth 12-3706.
Until next week!