If you didn’t get enough of our weekly FINDS profiles it’s not too late! Dozens of additional exhibitors have signed up to show this week during the FINDS Dallas Temp Show (staggered opening and closing dates). The halls are buzzing as everyone prepares for the first Market of the summer.

Check out all these great lines throughout campus!


Parachute Promise, WTC 12-1712

Pocket Plus
, WTC 12-2219

Clic Eyewear, WTC 12-1412

Ritz & Glitz, WTC 12-1613

Inviting Company, WTC 12-1713

Design FINDS

Foodie FINDS

Vintage at Heart
, WTC 12-3711

One Screw Loose, WTC 12-3720

Estrella Ltd, WTC 12-3717
Cash & Carry FINDS

ICE, MH 6030

Sashay, MH 6904

Collegiate & Souvenir FINDS

Legendary Games, WTC 12-4205

OCJ Apparel, WTC 12-4304


The Kid Glove, WTC 12-2727

Reefies, WTC 12-1716

Furniture FINDS

Bath & Body FINDS

Feeling Smitten, WTC 13-8814

Aromasalts - Dead Sea Pavilion, WTC 13-8820

French Market FINDS

Fashion FINDS

Ornamental Things, WTC 13-9624

Leathercraft Wonderland, WTC 13-9526

Table & Houseware FINDS

Crockin' Girls, WTC 12-3613

Lilly Brush, WTC 12-3615

Home & Hill Country FINDS

Rustics, WTC 6-118

Christmas & Floral FINDS

Green Import Ltd, WTC 12-4612

Mountain Flowers, WTC 12-4707

Oak Street Wholesale, WTC 12-4512

Paper & Party FINDS

Words & Watercolors, WTC 12-3415

That's all for now. See you at Market!