It have a bride who falls in love with a dress and purchases it from your store. Two days later, you get the call. She kept shopping and has fallen in love with another bridal gown and wants to change her order or receive a full refund. You politely show her the contract she has signed, but even then, she might expect something in return. 

I don't like arguing with a customer who feels she is right, but I also am not going to roll over and give in on a sale for which I have a valid contract! Our policy at The Wedding Bell is that we will make a one-time exception with a written modification to the original sales contract to let them choose an in-stock gown of equal or greater value. If there are accessories, it applies to those as well.

Before traveling down that road, we do set up an appointment during the week (not the weekend) to have her try the original dress on again, and, hopefully, remind her why she fell in love in the first place! If that doesn't work, we have "the chat." We remind her again that we are doing her this favor one time (and that she is very lucky I am a nice store owner)! We draw up the new sales contract and make sure all of the "i's" are dotted and the "t's" are crossed. As she gets ready to skip happily out the door, we divert her attention with appointments for bridal party dresses and tuxedo rentals and tell her to stop looking at bridal gowns!
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