While at Market this week and weekend pop in and see our new market-time shared showroom, ADORN – Accessories for a Cause. ADORN is located in WTC 13-13852 & 13-13652.

We asked the designers and reps behind each line a couple of questions –

What’s the story behind your line?
What’s one of your favorite memories of how you’ve seen the line make a difference?

Check out what a few of them had to say!

Akola Project – www.akolaproject.org

The Akola Project helps restore dignity by enhancing the capabilities of Ugandan widows to holistically empower their communities and lift them out of extreme poverty by making and selling handmade crafts.

One of my favorite memories is Ketra, a 62-year-old widow who has become one of the strongest leaders of her community through The Akola Project. Not only did the project show Ketra that she can make a difference in her own family with her wages by making beautiful jewelry, but she used the additional income to invest in more village business ventures. She bought 9 cows, built a chicken coup, and enlarged her commercial farm! A widow once marginalized by her hard circumstances is serving as a backbone in her community. – Christy Munger

Banner Theorywww.bannertheory.com

Banner Theory’s mission is to “turn unsustainable waste into sustainable good.” Meaning we turn a non-recyclable resource into useful products while contributing a portion of profits to small non-profits focused on doing good.

One of my favorite reactions to Banner Theory has been seeing people’s disbelief in the usefulness of the materials we use. Most people react with “That’s what a billboard is made of?” and it’s almost always followed up by a mini-brainstorm of suggestions for other uses. We have contributed overflow of banner material to community projects for murals, temporary fences, dumpster pools, and even raincoats! It has been wonderful to educate the public on alternative uses of this material which would otherwise end up in landfills. – Lisa Walter

DeAnna Cochran Jewelrywww.deannacochranjewelry.com

As the artist behind the line, I am committed to making a difference in other’s lives by sharing my story of hope and healing through my work. Designs are eco-conscious, charity focused, and tell a story of faith driven passion.

One of the most amazing things about sharing the story behind the collections is hearing other’s similar experiences. This offers the opportunity to share on a deeper level that may not come up as part of regular conversations. Seeing how others have gone on to make something positive out of a tragedy is why I do what I do. Clients don’t just wear a piece of jewelry from my collection – they wear a story to share with and inspire others. – DeAnna Cochran


FEED Projects creates good products that help feed children around the world through the sale of FEED bags, bears, t-shirts, and other accessories that have a set donation built into the cost of each product.

Since The Forge began representing FEED in early 2011, we’ve seen more than 7 million meals provided for kids all over the world through the sale of their products. We love knowing that we and our retailers have been a huge part of this amazing accomplishment, and we look forward to seeing the numbers continue to increase!
– Sara Keilers & Jackie Gilles


Through the purchase of Nisolo products, consumers support job creation as they contract impoverished producers who, through their work, empower themselves to shape their own future.

We are excited to see everyone’s reaction to this extremely high-quality and beautiful new line that we feel will absolutely take off. We love the awareness they are creating for great, handmade products that create jobs for artisans, and whose profits help provide education for the communities in which they’re made. – Sara Keilers & Jackie Gilles

Raven + Lilywww.ravenandlily.com

Raven + Lily’s mission is to empower women through design by partnering with women around the world to hand make all of their products, which are made from up-cycled, recycled, and locally sourced materials.

To see the connections women who buy Raven + Lily products instantly have with the women who make the products has been very powerful for us to witness. They love knowing that they can make a direct impact on these brave ladies on the other side of the world. We’re also excited to be able to see new partnerships develop for Raven + Lily in different areas of the world, such as Cambodia and Morocco. – Sara Keilers & Jackie Gilles
-- MH