1. Finding Your Way

There is a map for each floor of our buildings. We know the screen on your phone is pretty small, which is why we’ve made it so you can zoom in easily. Simply use 2 fingers on the screen: a pinching motion will zoom out & spreading the fingers apart will zoom in. Zooming in to the maps makes it easier to read the showroom names, as well as locate escalators and restrooms. Zoom, zoom!
2. When Hunger Strikes

During market, we offer a variety of food options. When a snack attack hits, refer to the App for your available options. You can view a list of all food outlets open at the current time. Clicking on the name will show a short description of the menu options and provide a link to that floor’s map.

Don’t Have the App Yet?

Don’t get left behind! The Dallas Market Center App is available for both iPhones and iPads, in the App Store.