I'm a packaging junkie (I’m a graphic designer by trade). I love beautiful things, and I like to crack up with my girlfriends when we're out. Kristen Wigg? Hilarious. Audrey Hepburn? Epitome of class. Anthropologie? Spending disaster waiting to happen.

Summary: I’m a real person.

So WHY does a good product have to be stuffy to be taken seriously? Why can't you be classy and have a great personality? We're more complex than companies give us credit for. We deserve honesty, luxury, elegance, witty humor that makes us smile--something out of the ordinary that excites us and sparks a conversation.

So, You Smell was born- luxurious bath products all wrapped up in a lovely vintage-inspired aesthetic. Our goal is to turn the mundane things we use every day into something to look forward to.

Turns out, others seem to agree. Word got out overnight, and You Smell traveled from a little blog to the London Sunday Style Guide and Allure Online, to the President of Urban Outfitter's, and ultimately to ABC's Shark Tank.

We pour our hearts and personality into our products. The Sharks ended up loving it—and before they even saw the product, people on set were asking what that great smell was…a nice way to start the pitch.

Their first response to my request for funding was how drastically saturated the marketplace is. I mean, it's soap for cryin' out loud! It's one of THE hardest markets to carve out a spot in, and I was just a kid with a drive and overactive imagination.

My response? Saturation proves there will always be a market for it. Everyone needs it. But more importantly, you can have parody products, but you can't have parody brands. People want to buy an emotional connection, not just a product; that's what You Smell is all about. Quality should be expected. Our goal is to go beyond that, into the unexpected; to create something memorable that's worth talking about.

After the Sharks on Shark Tank got to see the packaging up close and smell the aroma, they were hooked. I got 3 offers off the bat, and then they started trying to one-up each other.

Not only did they love the branding and its potential, but also my devotion and excitement. I LOVE what I do. I feel guilty when I'm at work because I feel like it's not really "work" at all. That's the beauty of the You Smell brand. We make sure it has heart by ensuring it’s run by real people enjoying themselves—feeling pride in making phenomenal products that others can relate to.

If there's any advice I could give to another small business, it's to build your brand’s personality. Whatever that personality is, drive it home with every touch-point, so that when people think of your company, they can connect with it in a more meaningful way.

We'd love for you to stop by the Dallas Market and see us at our new spot in The Portico Collection, World Trade Center #5-5-576! Or visit us at www.YouSmellSoap.com