During the recent Apparel & Accessories Market in January, I had the opportunity to join Rawlins Gilliland on his Discovery Tour: Fashion Accessories in SCENE on the World Trade Center 13th floor. Rawlins is a hysterically witty character who truly relates to his buyer audience!

At the start of our tour with Rawlins: handbags from Juan Antonio.

Rawlins draws in his audience by making you feel like you’ve been friends for ages, and he seems to know exactly what retailers are looking for. Always enthusiastic, he made even the simplest products like clothing magnets seem like the best innovative contraption known to man.

The Official Jersey Sweater

We swept through SCENE within an hour, stopping to look at Italian leather purses, vintage jersey sweaters, real feather earrings dipped in gold, and fur-lined boots for kids that looked like ladybugs. It was phenomenal to see how varied the exhibitors were. Each product reflected the same artistry and blissful creativity that the Dallas Market exhibitors are known for.
The real feathers dipped in gold (personally my favorite item)! Krysia Renau Jewelry

As the PR and marketing intern, I was busy snapping pictures to post on the Dallas Market Instagram account. But my favorite moment was when Rawlins realized at the end of the tour that he had picked up a woman’s reading glasses along the way, mistaking them for his own. As they were excessively bedazzled, he didn’t keep them!

Fur-lined kids’ boots at Emu Australia

At the close of our exciting time together, I glanced around at all the tourists breathlessly hanging on Rawlins’ every description. Their notepads were full of frantic scribbles of exhibitor locations and product cost estimations. I smiled to myself as I realized the value of his personal insight for buyers is truly priceless. If you missed out on the tour this time, make sure you don’t miss Rawlins’ next tours during March Markets, 21-24.
Elegant organza dress from Jackie Rogers

I hope you enjoy the shots I captured along the tour and enjoy the products as much as I did!
Spring patterns at Bernadette Mopera & Company