Oversized décor items can enhance your holiday merchandising strategy.  If you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention as they’re cruising by your store window during the holiday season, it stands to reason that a giant caroler or toy soldier might increase the chance they will stop and look. Big, bold, dramatic display pieces can play an important part in capturing the eyes and purchasing power of passers-by.
While at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market this June (June 19-25), look for huge vacuum-plated ornaments and life-sized carolers, sleighs, elves, gift packages, nutcrackers and nativity scenes.


“A large group of little arrangements would never catch someone’s attention,” says Richard Hampton AIFD, design lead and head of product development for Regency International, a New York-based import company. “However, a large Santa waving or a group of many large finial ornaments would definitely catch a few glances. The rest is history. They now know that you exist.”
Cathy Malcom, Dallas showroom manager and design director for Craig Bachman Imports, says her company started carrying oversized items about 10 years ago and has seen continued growth in the area. “It’s about perceived value – people want something that looks expensive for what it costs,” she says. “Plus, the overall trend of larger commercial spaces (think malls and casinos) and residential homes, where many ceilings now tower above the once-standard 8 ft. high, has led to more demand for supersized holiday props.”

Oversized props run the gamut from traditional Santa Clauses and reindeer to more versatile polar bears and penguins, which can carry retailers further into the winter and can be reused again for promotions like Christmas in July.


Because of their higher price point, retailers should try to view these pieces as investments in their long-term visual merchandising strategies.
Large prop items, says Hampton, are “definitely a head turner, and that’s the most powerful way to gain attention.”
Adapted from Christmas Source magazine