As I look to the fourth quarter of 2014, I see hot new trends and color combinations that will make a statement during the autumn and holiday seasons. And as we all know, keeping our merchandising mix exciting and on-trend will keep our customers coming back for more!
Here are five of my favorite upcoming trends to keep in mind when you shop Dallas’ #ChristmasHQ and seasonal offerings during Market, June 18-24:
Autumn Harvest
Harvest time evokes sentiments of family, hearth and home and sets the stage for the holidays to follow. Abundance and warmth emanate from this season, which truly deserves it’s time in the spotlight.
Halloween Couture
Halloween will take a catwalk on the haute runway this year, incorporating elements of high fashion. Metallic and shine, along with touchable, luxurious materials, will be prominent during this spooky season.
Traditional Christmas
The traditional colors of Christmas are truly evergreen. Although the classic pairing of red and green continues to evolve in renewed iterations, the hues never veer too far from their origins. This color combination will continue to stay true to its happy, secure and multi-generational tradition.
Frozen Christmas
The undeniable influence of the highest grossing film of 2013 is definitely reflected in the current marketplace. This movement also has the added advantage of moving beyond the Christmas holiday and solidly into the entire winter season.
Shine Christmas
Metallic, always a reliable holiday alternative, is trending with gold and newer, more imaginative hues. Antique, 14k and rose gold will emerge with glistening importance and only build upon the many aspects of light and shine throughout the holiday season!