Dallas Design Supply is a supply warehouse for display and design professionals, so we work with plenty of creative perfectionists for whom “just right” is the only acceptable result.

· A florist wants white blossoms brushed with pale blue around the edges.
· An event planner needs two dozen turquoise centerpieces changed to two dozen robin’s egg blue centerpieces instead.
· A visual merchandiser must make an old display new again – by morning.

Specifics vary, but the challenge is the same: To achieve a perfect transformation fast and cheap, preferably with lunch money.

Decorative and floral sprays by Design Master are often the answer to the challenge, providing speed, ease and perfection at an economical price. This 50-year-old Colorado-based company puts color control at customers’ fingertips with its color sprays. There are more than 50 classic and trend colors as well as wood tones, metallics, glitter sprays, and home décor stains.

Delicate enough to use on floral stems (real or silk), Design Master is sturdy enough for stone, pottery, wood or metal. That florist can add a kiss of blue to the tips of a flower while turning turquoise centerpieces into that “just right” shade of robin’s egg blue. A visual merchandiser can re-lacquer a mannequin with the very spray that a wedding planner uses to dye bridesmaids’ shoes the morning of the wedding (We know that one has happened).

The secret is in the relative lightness or heaviness of the misting, and also depends on the finish you want. Design Master’s website offers plenty of instructions on proper use in many varied applications, including video tips, as well as lists of project ideas that are a DIY-er’s dream.

On October 22, Dallas Design Supply will offer in-person instruction and tips from recognized Design Master expert Diana Prickett. We will add to the attraction by offering special buys on our entire array of Design Master, which is the largest selection in North Texas.

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