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As editor in chief of VOWS, I’m constantly asked, “What makes a bridal store successful?” While there isn’t one simple answer to this complex question, here are six things I’d recommend all retailers do.
If you have a unique offering or two, broadening your sales to businesses might be a good way to increase your market share, especially during the holiday season.
During my spring internship at the Dallas Market Center, I’ve learned more about the professional world than I ever could have at school. My mentors invested in me, believed and encouraged me, and I believe they’ll be a part of my life even after my internship ends. [More...]
Getting people to open an email, much like a door-to-door salesperson, is paramount to establishing an email communication relationship. The subject line is the “knock on the door” that either gets answered or it doesn’t. This is part two on making email communications more effective. When creating subject lines: [More...]
Email communication has become the most important way for businesses to communicate with their customers because the cost of sending an email v. direct mail or telephone is less expensive. But just because email is “cheap” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend the time and resources to make it effective. [More...]
Once you’ve booked your booth space, take some time to map out your marketing strategy for the show. Preparing now will save you time and give you an edge before, during & after market. Here is a list of great tools to take advantage of: […]
I know you have heard it before. “That brand looks so Apple-ish,” or “Make it feel more like IKEA.” Why have you heard this? Each of these brands are strong examples of a brand management that at its original root was set forth by Brand Guidelines.