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In order to make your Market experience as efficient as possible, we’ve introduced a version of FASTPASS that will allow us to scan the bar code directly from your mobile device. If you have not received an email from us, call us at 214.744.7444 to update the email address associated with your account. Then, just wait for your FASTPASS to arrive via email. Once you arrive at market, simply show us your FASTPASS, either printed or on your mobile device, and photo ID to receive your badge. It's that easy.

What is the Market Fast Pass?

The Market Fast Pass is an electronic document.

How do I get a Market Fast Pass?

Every buyer is eligible to receive a Market Fast Pass. Provide Dallas Market Center with a working e-mail address by calling 214.744.7444. What if I don't have an e-mail address or any plans of getting one?

No problem! When you come to market, if you are a qualified buyer, you can register at any of the desks by simply showing your photo ID in the regular registration line. These lines move fast, but you might be missing out on valuable coupons, travel specials and events at Dallas Market Center promoted on the pass.

When will I receive my Market FastPass?

The Market FastPass will be sent to you via e-mail a few weeks prior to market. You will be responsible for bringing it with you.

OK. I've printed out my Market FastPass, and I've arrived at market. Now what?

Take your Market FastPass and your photo ID to the appropriate registration line. The person at the counter will quickly scan the barcode on your pass and generate a market badge for you.

What if I forget my Market FastPass?

If you leave your Market FastPass at home or at your office, you will still be able to easily get your market badge from the regular registration line. Remember to add "pack Market Fast Pass" to your to-do list before leaving for market!

Will anyone else be able to use my Market FastPass?

The Market FastPass will only work once. After the barcode has been scanned to generate a market badge, it is null and void. But don't throw it away. Your pass has valuable information printed on it for you to use while at market.

I've submitted my working e-mail address, but I'm still not receiving my Market FastPass. What do I do?

There may be many reasons why you aren’t receiving your emails from us including

  • The email address in your profile may be incorrect or invalid.
  • Your mailbox could be full.
  • Message size exceeds limit set by you or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Your server may be busy.
  • The server connection may have been broken during relay.
  • Your ISP could be blocking Dallas Market Center communication.
  • We may have removed you from the active mailing list due to several failed attempts (bounce back) of communicating to your address.
  • You or your ISP may be using a "spam" filter that inadvertently blocks the legitimate e-mails you have subscribed to.

To fix the problem, try these things

  • Update your email address by calling 214.744.7444.
  • If your e-mail address is correct, your ISP may be using filters to prevent unwanted e-mails from reaching your inbox. Sometimes, these filters also block messages you want to receive. In most cases, adding us to your list of trusted senders will solve this issue.
  • AOL — select "Add Address"
  • Yahoo! Mail — select "Add to Address Book."
  • Outlook or Outlook Express —  select "Add to Address Book."
  • Hotmail or MSN — select "Save Address(es)."
  • If you use a "spam" filter, check your preferences to make sure you have not inadvertently flagged e-mails from the "" domain as "spam."
  • If you're still having problems receiving e-mail, please contact your ISP's technical support department and ask how to "whitelist" e-mails from