I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, blogs, Etsy and magazines looking at pillows, décor, gifts, candles, body products, apparel, jewelry, handbags, etc. I love this stuff! My friends think I’m a product junkie, but I consider my obsession market research, as I’m a Leasing Director at DMC! So you can imagine my excitement when I hear from a vendor with a cool new product.

If you have something you’ve been dying to get in front of buyers, then wholesale is definitely your next move.

While simply signing up for the show is the first step in the right direction, here are a few tips to ensure you make a splash and get your product noticed. 

What’s your wholesale price? Do you have enough room in your margins to make a profit?

Market your product and location before and during the show. Take advantage of advertising in pre-market publications, social media and on-site displays.

Provide sales material at the show. Be prepared with an ample amount of business cards, catalogs, postcards or line sheets. Many buyers like to pick up materials and review before placing orders. Don’t let buyers leave your booth empty handed!

Know the lingo. Whether you’re working with first-time or seasoned buyers act like you’ve been in the industry for years. Here are a few industry terms to study so you’ll sound like a pro.

Make your booth stand out. Use color, flooring, fixtures and cool props to make your booth and product pop. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on décor for your booth to get noticed – be creative! Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration.

Don’t forget, this is a relationship building business. Be friendly and enthusiastic to engage buyers. Follow up after the show and possibly offer an extended show special to entice them to buy.

Hope to see you in Dallas!

– LH