1. Get Updated

There are 2 ways you can update our App. Occasionally, our developers send out an update to the App Store. This type of update means we have added new functionality, made something easier to use, or have fixed a bug. Our last update was August 14th. If you downloaded the App after this date, you’re already running the latest version. But if you downloaded the App before that date, go to the App Store and browse the Updates section to see if you have an update waiting for you!
You can also update inside the Dallas Market Center App in just a few seconds. All you do is click or swipe to the second menu screen and choose the Update button. This type of update ensures that you are getting any last-minute changes we’ve made to market information. This typically means more accurate maps and the inclusion of last-minute exhibitors.
2. Choose Your Favorites

We've made it easy to find what you're looking for, no matter how you choose to search. Are you looking for a specific company or line? Use the search box along the top. But if you want to find new lines and exhibitors, search by Product Category.

When you find an exhibitor that you are excited to see, mark them as a favorite! To do this you should be in the Company Info section (check the title at the top). Using the icons along the bottom of the screen select Info. On this screen, you will see a button called “Add to My Market.” This bookmarks the exhibitor for you. This list of favorites helps you maximize your time at market and ensures that you will not miss anything!
Don’t Have the App Yet?

Don’t get left behind! The Dallas Market Center App is available for both iPhones and iPads, in the App Store.