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Though every store’s needs are a little different, there are plenty of common traits you want to look for in an effective salesperson. Beverly Solomon, who has worked in sales and marketing for companies such as Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon and Ralph Lauren, offers these top 10 traits. The best employees are:

1. Customer-friendly. They project an image that they care about the needs of the customer.

2. Attentive. They maintain good records of what customers like, their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The lifeblood of a business is to have repeat customers.

3. Communicative. They keep their customers informed as to sales and special events.

4. Reliable. This should go without saying.

5. Honest. They share the problems that they see with the employer. A good employee makes critical observations and positive suggestions.

6. Assertive. The best employees demand respect from customers and employers. Doormats do not make good employees.

7. Easy to work with. They work well with everyone. If you have a good employee who works well with customers, the boss and co-workers, it may not seem like it on the surface, but that will always help the bottom line.

8. Positive. While honest feedback is necessary, a negative attitude is not.

9. Hard-working. The best employees put in a day’s work, not a day’s “attendance.”

10. Presentable. The best employees are well-groomed and dress appropriately.

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