What is the first thing you do nowadays when you are looking for something? Google it. Just a mere 10 years ago a business need only a physical address. Now, in the ever changing modern world, you can’t thrive without a web address as well.

But alas, with modern technology and software, comes state-of-the-art, user friendly ways to get the ball rolling in the Internet court.

Don’t have the budget in your small business for a full-time web administrator? Don’t have the first clue about web hosting, domain names, and server space? These 3 top web building services handle all the fine print and allow you to focus on the important details – like getting business done.

Wix.com The designer version

If you can create a simple word document, you can be up and running in a manner of hours with this simple drag and drop service. The site allows you to customize 100’s of beautifully designed, modern templates where you can pay to publish under your own domain, or can easy go live for free. Do you already have a basic knowledge of web design or just specifically know what you want it to look like? This site allows the most flexibility in design.

 The print collaborator

The website many of you probably know and love for all your printed materials is now offering build-it-yourself websites. You can start with a free trial and purchase upgrades, such as email addresses and mobile websites, as needed. Vistaprint also allows you to integrate services for email marketing and facebook and has extended-hours customer service by phone for those times, when at the last hour, something just isn’t right.

Websitebuilder.intuit.com The small business advocate

This awesome resource for any small business is now upping the ante with their website building services. Start with a basic design, customize it with your logo and color scheme or choose from their free library of 250,000 images, and publish through its hosting for a very small monthly fee. This web building service is designed to save you the most time by starting from the easiest, most-complete templates, and is perfect for those of you with the least internet experience.