It’s no secret that markets at Dallas Market Center are popular and in-high demand. Needless to say, DMC is famous for its location in the heart of Texas – but, did you know DMC is the favorite one-stop location for international buyers? Well it is! During each market we welcome buyers from around the world, from 78 countries throughout the year!

At DMC, one of our top priorities is to assist and support every buyer and make them feel at home each time they come to market. For us it’s all about customer service and we thrive on it! That’s why we have a team dedicated to assist international buyers.

The International Department assists buyers with the registration process; their travel arrangements via our in-house travel agency, Market Travel®; and answers any questions about market or the City of Dallas. Who said it all has to be business? Dallas is a vibrant city with many amenities to offer.

Even during market international buyers have their own spot, the International Suite, located in the first floor of the World Trade Center #176. For their convenience, the international suite offers free international phone calls, fax machine usage, Internet service, and a place to take a break from buying and rest. Our international team is always ready to assist you!

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