The holiday season is upon us and that means we all finally have the time to sit down, relax and reflect on the past year and the events that took place… Yeah right! As “twenty twelve” draws to a close and I approach my one year anniversary at the American Heart Association, I couldn’t help but think about all the people who have helped me along the way.

Only two years have passed since graduation and I find myself paying for my own townhouse, a new “mom” to a 3-year-old mini dachshund named Fritz and gainfully employed. Yes, I’m shocked too. All kidding aside, I can without a doubt say that if it wasn’t for the DMC Internship Program and its director, Meredith Hite, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
In true Christmas spirit, I thought I’d share why YOU should apply for the DMC Internship Program. Interns are hired for each spring, summer and fall, so don’t miss your chance to apply for summer in April!

1. So you think you can write? Well, I’m sure you can but the PR team will make you the best. You don’t just get a redlined assignment and a pat on the back. Meredith always took the time to sit down with me and explain why changes were made.

2. References. I received letters of reference from many of my contacts at the DMC, ultimately helping me land a full-time J-O-B!

3. Wholesale prices. Google it!

4. Real-world experience. Social media, media list development, event management, writing and pitching. It’s all real-world experience.

5. Mentors. I have been lucky enough to have the program’s director, Meredith, as a mentor since I interned in the summer of 2010. Whether it is job advice, or just life advice, she’s always there.

6. Be diverse. The program allows you to gain experience in a number of different fields outside of communications/marketing. I worked on projects for the design, events and leasing departments.

7. Awesome people. You get to hang out with awesome people. It’s that simple.

8. DMC interns end up in good places. American Heart Association, The Richards Group, Neiman Marcus, Fleishman-HillardSouthwest Airlines and Todd Events… Just to name a few!

9. Reputation. Come on people. It’s the world's most complete wholesale marketplace!

10. Flexibility. Balancing a part-time job, school AND an internship? It’s possible and I’m proof. The marketing team understands that school is your first priority. They work with you to set a schedule that is manageable.

11. DALLAS. Are you from out of town? Affordable living and great weather… what’s not to love?

12. Have fun. Not only did I build my resume during my time at DMC, but I also made lifelong friendships and memories that I will never forget.

Sound like a good place to you? Read more about jobs at Dallas Market Center here.

Sydney Holt is the Associate Communications Manager – CPR & First Aid at the American Heart Association.

Twitter: @SydneyHoltPR