Creating a video for your business may seem like a tough task, but it doesn’t have to be! Video is a great way to promote your business in a way that words and pictures cannot. Pictures can only do so much, but video can take it to another level.

First and foremost, who knows your business better than you? Ask yourself, what do I want my customers to see and what do I think my customers want to see? From there you can showcase your store set up, put on demos, recap and promote events, or just let customers see the kind of customer service your business can provide them.
Let your video content act as a commercial. What do you and your store have to offer? Show that off!

Here are a few tips for creating a video for your retail business:
1. You don’t need a fancy camera to create great video content. There are plenty of small, HD video cameras that are affordable (under $300) and will suit your needs.
2. Tripod, tripod, tripod! Or place the camera on a steady surface. Shaky footage kills videos. Some movement is OK, but too much can ruin an otherwise great shot.
3. Film in well-lit areas. You don’t want your video footage to be too dark or overexposed.
4. Be sure to film each shot for at least 10 seconds to ensure you captured enough footage.
5. Play with tight, wide and medium shots – too much of the same can seem boring.
6. Editing software: Lots of Windows and Apple computers already have amateur editing software on them. You can use Windows Movie Maker and iMovie to edit your footage. Check with a friend or family member who may have Final Cut, AVID or Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computer. They may be able to help you edit your footage.
7. A 30-90 second video will hold your viewer’s attention while still making your point. With that being said, your actual video shots/frames should be 1-4 seconds max.
8. Good production music can make a good video even better. Check out websites like or for affordable, royalty-free music.
9. Host your video on YouTube or Vimeo and promote it on your website and social media.
10. Have fun with it!
For inspiration on getting started, check out the videos we’ve created here at DMC.