If you are a retailer looking for ways to increase sales during the Christmas season, stocking stuffers make ideal add-on sales items. Offering a wide and unique variety of stocking stuffers can help shoppers cross people off their lists while helping your bottom line.
Look for interesting stocking stuffer items when you are shopping the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market (June 19-25, 2013).

Stocking stuffers need not be limited to the checkout area. “If you can make it big enough and meaningful, you can actually create a whole area of the store that’s focused on stocking stuffers,” explains Mike Kraus, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based retail consultancy StoreTouch, Inc. “If it’s visually merchandised in the right way and signed well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be at the cash wrap. Ideally, it should be meaningful enough so that your customers grab not just one item, but three, four, five or six.”
Kraus also advises offering a variety of price points in your stocking stuffer area, noting that it’s not about just finding something inexpensive, but finding an ideal gift at a good price. Stocking stuffers are typically under $10, but that’s not always the case. “What it ultimately comes down to is that customers just need those last few things to round out their gift lists,” he says. “It’s better to have the perfect gift than the best price. I have a better chance of increasing my transaction if I’m not treating the stocking stuffer section like a bargain table, but as an ideal gift table.”

As with any other area of the store, Kraus says retailers should be keeping an eye on what’s moving and what’s not weekly to ensure they are offering the kinds of stocking stuffers people actually want.

“What I encourage my clients to do is think about things people can’t find anywhere else – items that embody customers and their psyches. It’s all about trying to create a really unique collection of merchandise that differentiates you from other retailers out there.”
Adapted from Christmas Source magazine