Happy Fourth of July! Picnics, parades and fireworks to celebrate the pride of our nation…and an opportunity to tell you how Dallas Market Center values products made in America.

Dallas Market Center introduced a new "Made in the USA" designation in 2012 at its Dallas Temp Show that identifies exhibitors offering products made domestically with a bold logo on their booth signs. This allows USA products to be easily recognized throughout the various product categories in Temporaries. We integrate Made in USA as a separate category; we show the domestically made products in the various gift, furniture, design, bath & body, design, handmade, vintage, foodie and other categories to allow buyers to conveniently shop the categories they are interested in.

“We began our Made in America identification program because retailers starting asking for it in response to consumer demand,” said Jim Lugannani, vice president of temporary leasing at Dallas Market Center. “Retailers are always looking for a unique selling proposition and Made in America provides an opportunity to tell a story. There’s a new pride in American-made products as a result of the “keep American jobs at home” movement and a renewed appreciation forhigh-quality U.S. products.”

Recently, we identified companies with Made in USA products with special signage in our Shared Showrooms – Gourmet Market (WTC 1-180), KidsWorld Studio (WTC 8-8701), Hemisphere Design Gallery (WTC 9-9009), and Outdoor Living (The Plaza, 1F201). In addition, buyers can research Made in America lines throughout our permanent showrooms via our website and Mobile App product search programs.
Stay tuned for even more Made in America products to come, and have a fun and safe Fourth of July!