With Dallas’ Total Home & Gift Market next week, seasonal and holiday buyers will be on their toes looking for the perfect additions to their merchandise and display mix. That’s where we come in! Here’s a little last minute recipe to for creating the perfect Christmas tree.

Theme and Tree
Choose a combination of colors and décor best suited to your style. Classical and traditional, whimsical with sparkle, trendy and modern, natural and rustic? It’s up to you! Then choose a tree to match.

Ornaments and Accents
Now for the fun part! Here’s a formula to help you select the perfect combination of ornamentation so your tree turns out with the best depth and textures to maximize its visual impact.

3 styles of floral stems: use poinsettias, magnolias or other focal stems for a pop of color. Add berry sprays or branches to create dimension.

20 ornaments per foot of tree: for example 9’ tree x 12 ornaments per foot = 180 ornaments, dispersed evenly throughout.

5 theme ornaments per foot: objects that are distinctive shapes and tell the story of the theme. For a rustic tree, think reindeer, sleds, winter birds, etc.

10 basic ornaments in various sizes per foot: coordinating colors in simple styles, like round or onion shape. Use at least two shapes for larger scale trees to add some drama.

5 accent items per food: drape garlands, unique shaped ornaments like icicles, finials, tassels, candy canes, etc.

Ribbon: choose two coordinating colors, perhaps one pattern and one solid that can be combined together throughout the tree. Use an average of three 10’ rolls for a 9’ tree.

And most importantly, remember to customize your recipe for what best fits your story. Have fun creating your perfect tree!

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