Retailers will convene in Dallas for men’s fashion ranging from classic looks to contemporary styles during the Men’s Show, August 10-12. Here’s a preview of some new and noteworthy lines at Market to look forward to!

Looks from Thomas Dean & Co., featured in the David Hills Co. Showroom, WTC 7-7682. Thomas Dean & Co. specializes in contemporary pieces for men, but also offers a line of collegiate wear for both men and women.

A few of our favorites from the new showroom Filson, WTC 7, Men’s Temps. Filson is an outdoor clothing company that focuses on high-quality products, made in the USA.

Strong Boalt, WTC 7, Men’s Temps, describes themselves as built for the sun and sea, Strong Boalt defines men's beach classics.

Perma Brands Corporation, WTC 7, Men’s Temps, features a large variety of premium grooming and classic shaving products including straight razors, double-edge safety razors, shaving brushes, shaving gift set, soaps and premium consumables.

Collared Greens, Inc., an eco-conscious clothing and accessories company, features a collection of distinctive neckwear, polos and t-shirts, belts and accessories, all made in the USA. Ties and other accessories from Collared Greens, WTC 7, Men’s Temps, are the perfect touch to dress up any outfit.

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Don’t forget to stop by the Gentlemen’s Quarters: Men’s Show Party on August 11 at 6 p.m. to mix and mingle with fellow buyers and reps. Sit back, relax, and sip on drinks while viewing the newest trends in menswear staples. We’ll see you at the Men’s Show!

-Riki Lee Burhans