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With Dallas’ Total Home & Gift Market next week, seasonal and holiday buyers will be on their toes looking for the perfect additions to their merchandise and display mix. That’s where we come in! Here’s a little last minute recipe to for creating the perfect Christmas tree.
As I look to the fourth quarter of 2014, I see hot new trends and color combinations that will make a statement during the autumn and holiday seasons. And as we all know, keeping our merchandising mix exciting and on-trend will keep our customers coming back for more!
The Dallas Market is filled with amazing products… and buyers converge on the Dallas Market to find the latest Trends and Colors… no matter what their business. Market Days are filled to overflowing with creativity, innovation and new products.
Thought to date back to ancient times when they represented victory or success, wreaths are now an enduring symbol of the holidays.
Are you planning an event or installation that includes decorated Christmas trees this holiday season? If so, you could win big for your design.
Retailers can put an interesting spin on merchandising by finding creative ways to mix and match products. Holiday wares mixed with general merchandise can be particularly effective.
If you have a unique offering or two, broadening your sales to businesses might be a good way to increase your market share, especially during the holiday season.
Hot Holiday Trends are what savvy buyers are looking for during the upcoming June Total Home & Gift Market (June 19-25, 2013). Trends expert J Schwanke AIFD, PFCI, AAF shares his Top Ten list of trends you'll find in Dallas. [More...]
Retailers are always looking for ways to increase sales and traditional stocking stuffers are small and inexpensive, making them ideal add-on sales items. Offering a wide and unique variety of stocking stuffers can help shoppers cross people off their lists while helping your bottom line.