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Retailers will convene in Dallas for men’s fashion ranging from classic looks to contemporary styles during the Men’s Show, August 10-12. Here’s a preview of some new and noteworthy lines at Market to look forward to!
With Dallas’ Total Home & Gift Market next week, seasonal and holiday buyers will be on their toes looking for the perfect additions to their merchandise and display mix. That’s where we come in! Here’s a little last minute recipe to for creating the perfect Christmas tree.
Learn strategies for selling to this important generation, also known as Gen Y, at "Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees and Customers Can Grow Your Business" featuring The Gen Y Guy®, Jason Dorsey as seen on "60 Minutes" and "The Today Show" on Thursday, June 19 at noon during the Total Home & Gift Market, June 18-24, 2014.
The World Trade Center atrium will come alive with the culture and art from more than 15 countries June 18-22, during Total Home & Gift Market Market. The International Folk Art Market | Collection, a Dallas exclusive, brings together folk art artisans from around the world – offering buyers unique product that truly makes a difference.
Most of us are familiar with blogs, both personal and professional, but have you ever wondered just how big blogging is? Listen to this. There are more than 152 MILLION blogs out there, which means that if blogging were a country it’d be larger than the population of RUSSIA!
Where has the summer gone? Although it’s still 100 degrees outside here in Dallas, Labor Day and the fall season are just around the corner. Before we officially say goodbye to summer, we’ve asked one of our favorite chefs and cooking demonstrator during Market, Kent Rathbun of Abacus, to dish out one of his favorite summer recipes.
Happy Fourth of July! Picnics, parades and fireworks to celebrate the pride of our nation…and an opportunity to tell you how Dallas Market Center values products Made in America.
If you have a unique offering or two, broadening your sales to businesses might be a good way to increase your market share, especially during the holiday season.
Retailers are always looking for ways to increase sales and traditional stocking stuffers are small and inexpensive, making them ideal add-on sales items. Offering a wide and unique variety of stocking stuffers can help shoppers cross people off their lists while helping your bottom line.
During my spring internship at the Dallas Market Center, I’ve learned more about the professional world than I ever could have at school. My mentors invested in me, believed and encouraged me, and I believe they’ll be a part of my life even after my internship ends. [More...]
Good, better, best. Lower, middle, upper. Promotional, mainstay, wow factor. Call them what you will, but according to the experts, retailers should supply goods in every category in three varying price tiers. It’s an important principle to remember when buying inventory and planning your merchandising for the Christmas season. [More...]
Creating a video for your business may seem like a tough task, but it doesn’t have to be! Video is a great way to promote your business in a way that words and pictures cannot. Pictures can only do so much, but video can take it to another level. [More...]
The potential for giving your store some visual interest with clever props is all around you. Just start looking at ordinary objects in a new way for quick, easy and inexpensive ways to create merchandising magic. [More...]
Getting people to open an email, much like a door-to-door salesperson, is paramount to establishing an email communication relationship. The subject line is the “knock on the door” that either gets answered or it doesn’t. This is part two on making email communications more effective. When creating subject lines: [More...]
Email communication has become the most important way for businesses to communicate with their customers because the cost of sending an email v. direct mail or telephone is less expensive. But just because email is “cheap” doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend the time and resources to make it effective. [More...]
Last week, I had the pleasure of packing my bags and heading south to Round Top, Texas with several members of our team. Throughout the trip, I captured several photos which I uploaded on Twitter and Instagram @DallasMarket. [More...]
Each year, the ART organization convenes at ART Conference for 3 days full of educational sessions and social networking activities that keep attendees coming back year after year. [More...]
We were so excited to honor this year’s The Next Big Give winners at The Inspired Event last Thursday! The Inspired Event also featured a fashion show with the hottest fall trends as well as the Merchandising Makeover drawing. We had a fantastic time and hope our buyers did, too! [More...]
When you enter any of the buildings on the Dallas Market Center campus, the Market Services-Registration staff is the first associates to welcome you with a ready smile. Their goal is to make the badging process efficient and to provide information about the marketplace to get you started with your day. [More...]
We were so excited about reaching more than 10,000 “Likes” on our Dallas Market Center Facebook page in January! If you haven’t heard already, we’re thanking every single person out of the 11,500+ people who “Like” us. [More...]
As “twenty twelve” draws to a close and I approach my one year anniversary at the American Heart Association, I couldn’t help but think about all the people who have helped me along the way. I can without a doubt say that if it wasn’t for the DMC Internship Program, I wouldn’t be where I am today. [More...]
The legendary Hilton Anatole in Dallas is pleased to announce the creation of its new, contemporary steakhouse, SĒR (pronounced “sear”). [...]
As outdoor spaces become much more inviting with the cooler October weather, we thought you’d enjoy this blog post adapted from a Lawn & Garden Retailer article in the September/October issue, “Eight Concepts Trending in Outdoor Living.” Enjoy! [...]
Mark your calendars for the Fashion Group International of Dallas (FGI) luncheon and WGSN trend presentation on Wednesday, Oct. 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.! At the luncheon, I’ll feature 2013/2014 macro trends including Hack-tivate, 21st Century Romance and Living Design. […]
Though every store’s needs are a little different, there are plenty of common traits you want to look for in an effective salesperson. Beverly Solomon, who has worked in sales and marketing for companies such as Diane von Furstenberg, Revlon and Ralph Lauren, offers these top 10 traits. [...]
Looking for the latest, cutest baby & kid products? Look no further than our KidsWorld Studio board on Pinterest! But before you look at the board, you should be warned. Cuteness alert: These items will have you repinning for hours. […]
What is the first thing you do nowadays when you are looking for something? Google it. Just a mere 10 years ago a business need only a physical address. Now, in the ever changing modern world, you can’t thrive without a web address as well. […]
It’s no secret that markets at Dallas Market Center are popular and in-high demand. Needless to say DMC is famous for its location in the heart of Texas – but, did you know DMC is the favorite one-stop location for international buyers? Well it is! During each market we welcome buyers from around the world, from 78 countries throughout the year! […]
If you’re active on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other outlet, you may have heard a thing or two about Klout Score. But – what is it? And how does it affect your business’ social media account or your personal account? Buckle up! We’re passing up “Social Media 101” and getting into the good stuff. Let’s venture into the basics of Klout Score […].
Get Updated! There are 2 ways you can update our App. Occasionally, our developers send out an update to the App Store. This type of update means we have added new functionality, made something easier to use, or have fixed a bug. [...]
The Source, the Market Center’s custom publication, offers retailers tons of useful information bi-annually and includes highlights of upcoming Markets. To wet your whistle, Know It All will bring you excerpts from upcoming and past issues of The Source. [...]
These days we rely on our mobile devices for so much. They’re always with us. Not only do they connect us with others, they also help us find places for lunch, navigate traffic, schedule our days and remember important things. We can’t live without them – or maybe we could, but we’d hate to try. [...]
It’s already the second week in June – can you believe it? In just a few short days, you’ll be packing your shipments for Dallas. Here are a few tips that will help you save time and avoid increased expenses. [...]
The clock is ticking! The Tech-Know Spot education center for digital marketing training will officially open on June 21. Lighting Buyers and Sales Reps should act fast to take advantage of free, one-on-one consultations (spots are limited so book your appointments online now. [...]
Freight, Shipping, Drayage, Material Handling – What do these terms mean? You have to be a tradeshow warrior to understand how all the different trade shows use these terms. I won’t pretend to know the nuances of other venues, but I can sort them out for our markets. [...]
You’ve been waiting patiently all week, so here is your third installment of some of the show-stopping products you’ll see during the FINDS Dallas Temp Show (June 21-24 with staggered opening and closing dates). [...]
A down economy can either be an excuse to play it safe or a chance to outpace your competition – only you can decide where you want your business to go. Get ready for some crowd control! This day long Boot Camp will show you how to successfully differentiate your store from your competition, build a buzz about town, and thrill your customers all at the same time. [...]
I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, blogs, Etsy and magazines looking at pillows, décor, gifts, candles, body products, apparel, jewelry, handbags, etc. I love this stuff! My friends think I’m a product junkie, but I consider my obsession market research, as I’m a Leasing Director at DMC! So you can imagine my excitement when I hear from a vendor with a cool new product. [...]
A spring shabby chic soiree was top of mind after leaving Round Top, Texas earlier this month. Take my tips and create your own event! #1 – Cheap, Chic Table Coverings Don’t have a nice white tablecloth to drape over your tables? No worries! Burlap is your new saving grace. Burlap can make the ugliest worn down card table instantly look chic. [...]
Being at the Round Top Antique Show last month, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of wildflowers and open fields made me feel like spring had officially sprung. Since it was my first time to Round Top I had a whole list of places to see, but the one at the top of my list was The Prairie. [...]
I know you have heard it before. “That brand looks so Apple-ish,” or “Make it feel more like IKEA.” Why have you heard this? Each of these brands are strong examples of a brand management that at its original root was set forth by Brand Guidelines.