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Learn strategies for selling to this important generation, also known as Gen Y, at "Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees and Customers Can Grow Your Business" featuring The Gen Y Guy®, Jason Dorsey as seen on "60 Minutes" and "The Today Show" on Thursday, June 19 at noon during the Total Home & Gift Market, June 18-24, 2014.
Dwell With Dignity received the first ARTS Visionary Award for its work in bringing good design to those less fortunate; inspiring families to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in. Residential Lighting sat down for a Q&A with founder Lisa Robison that first appeared in the February issue. [More...]
Get Updated! There are 2 ways you can update our App. Occasionally, our developers send out an update to the App Store. This type of update means we have added new functionality, made something easier to use, or have fixed a bug. [...]
Time flies when you’re having fun! And, this year’s deadline to nominate for the ARTS Awards is around the corner on July 18. Don’t miss this opportunity to nominate your favorite retailer, manufacturer, rep or product designer! [...]
These days we rely on our mobile devices for so much. They’re always with us. Not only do they connect us with others, they also help us find places for lunch, navigate traffic, schedule our days and remember important things. We can’t live without them – or maybe we could, but we’d hate to try. [...]
The clock is ticking! The Tech-Know Spot education center for digital marketing training will officially open on June 21. Lighting Buyers and Sales Reps should act fast to take advantage of free, one-on-one consultations (spots are limited so book your appointments online now. [...]
Freight, Shipping, Drayage, Material Handling – What do these terms mean? You have to be a tradeshow warrior to understand how all the different trade shows use these terms. I won’t pretend to know the nuances of other venues, but I can sort them out for our markets. [...]
Have you noticed how many mini-pendants are available from scores of suppliers? Their presence in a particular room is an emerging trend that is going to increase the demand for these popular products farther and faster. And that room is…the bathroom! [...]