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What is the first thing you do nowadays when you are looking for something? Google it. Just a mere 10 years ago a business need only a physical address. Now, in the ever changing modern world, you can’t thrive without a web address as well. […]
Finding Your Way: There is a map for each floor of our buildings. We know the screen on your phone is pretty small, which is why we’ve made it so you can zoom in easily. [...]
Get Updated! There are 2 ways you can update our App. Occasionally, our developers send out an update to the App Store. This type of update means we have added new functionality, made something easier to use, or have fixed a bug. [...]
These days we rely on our mobile devices for so much. They’re always with us. Not only do they connect us with others, they also help us find places for lunch, navigate traffic, schedule our days and remember important things. We can’t live without them – or maybe we could, but we’d hate to try. [...]
I know you have heard it before. “That brand looks so Apple-ish,” or “Make it feel more like IKEA.” Why have you heard this? Each of these brands are strong examples of a brand management that at its original root was set forth by Brand Guidelines.