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Once you’ve booked your booth space, take some time to map out your marketing strategy for the show. Preparing now will save you time and give you an edge before, during & after market. Here is a list of great tools to take advantage of: […]
Even if it seems too early to think about a 2013 show, consider this: It’s less than 5 months away from the first show of the new year! And, if you consider all of the holidays between now and then, there’s even less time to prepare! Here are the benefits of booking your show early [...]
I can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, blogs, Etsy and magazines looking at pillows, décor, gifts, candles, body products, apparel, jewelry, handbags, etc. I love this stuff! My friends think I’m a product junkie, but I consider my obsession market research, as I’m a Leasing Director at DMC! So you can imagine my excitement when I hear from a vendor with a cool new product. [...]