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Exhibitor FAQ

Q: Where do I get showroom keys or have the lock changed?

A: Tenants need to contact operations at (214) 655-7605 to request lock changes and keys. They are then distributed by protective services, 113 World Trade Center. You can also leave a key for another employee with protective services. For more information call them at (214) 655-6166.

Q: Whom do I talk to about rent payments?

A: Call DMC finance at (214) 655-6120.

Q: Where do I get permanent or temporary Show Passes?

A: Request forms are at the front desk of each building.

Q: Who is an approved vendor for carpet cleaning, painting, carpentry, electrical work?

A: A Contractors Reference List is available which represents contractors who have met the insurance requirements for DMC. Call Cindi Stephenson, DMC Administrative Coordinator, at (214) 655-7669 for insured contractors.

Q: Where do I get a building access card, how much are they and how many can I get?

A: They are distributed by protective services, 113 WTC. The first four are free, subsequent cards are $10 each. Call protective services at (214) 655-6166.

Q: Where do I unload deliveries for my showroom?

A: Unload at the dock in the back of the building. No deliveries may be made through the front door of any building.

Q: Where do I get a dolly or a Red Cap?

A: Dollies are available on the docks. Red Caps also are available at the docks.

Q: Which restaurants can deliver to my showroom?

A: Levy Restaurants can accommodate your catering needs for any size group. Call (214) 760-2861 for details. A list of outside caterers is available here: complete list of approved caterers. For liability reasons, DMC has approved caterers who are allowed in the buildings and can deliver directly to permanent showrooms.

Q: Where do I get a directory?

A: Directories are available at the front desk of any building.

Q: Where do I get a list of hotels, and can DMC help with travel arrangements?

A: Call (214) 744-7444 for travel arrangements with DMC's on-site travel agency, Market Travel®. A list of hotels can be found on the site, as well.

Q: Are reserved parking spaces available?

A: Yes. Call (214) 655-6234 for details.