The Science of Design Sponsored by Rue

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
03:00 PM
Location: WTC 1-1st Floor  

We often see pictures of gorgeous rooms in magazines and pinned on our Pinterest page, but we're never told why the room looks gorgeous. Just like baking, having the right ingredients in the right amount is crucial for success. Join Kelli Lamb, Editorial Director of RUE Magazine, and Danny Seo, designer and Co-Principal of RUE, as they discuss the science of why a beautiful room works. It's not just about having good taste and an endless bank account, it's about knowing why certain things work, why they cost what they cost, and then how to use this information to transform your home into a pin worthy home. Stay after the session to meet Kelli and receive a signed copy of her book “Home With Rue” – limited copies available.